Thanks to its experts in the skin field, DERMATEC is the "dermato" division of CPPi, a center of expertise specializing in dermo-cosmetics and biometrology, which offers evaluation and measurement of the skin in vivo, and extends its activities in taking over the multi-thematic division of LyREC. DERMATEC also integrates complementary support services.

DERMATEC : Who we are ?

Our developed network of scientific and medical experts allows us to advise you in setting up and carrying out your future clinical tests (nutrition, gastroenterology, vaccination, angiology, endocrine, internal medicine, pediatrics, allergology, immunology, chiropody ...).

The combination of our structure with the West Laser Medical Center (CLMO) allows us to propose protocols involving aesthetic acts and new innovative medical treatments such as laser, LED, peeling, injectable under controlled conditions and respect for volunteers.

Due to the diversity of its activities and positioning, DERMATEC works with many partners to focus on innovation (permanent instrument monitoring) while maintaining a high technical mastery of measurements (repeatability, repositioning) . Thus DERMATEC implements customized protocols on healthy volunteers or presenting dermatoses or other pathologies combining biometrology adapted to the objectives to be reached (discussion with specialists, doctors, researchers, clinicians ...) ranging from the simple measure of hydration , from PIE (Water Insensitive Loss) to taking pictures (global, polarized, C-Cube), confocal microscopy, high-resolution ultrasound, measurements that are then analyzed and interpreted by experts.

Data processing and data security are a key point for the success of a project, which is why DERMATEC-Lyon has chosen the electronic CRF (e-CRF) to highlight major assets: transparency, responsiveness, connectivity.

DERMATEC is also present abroad thanks to its partners (US, Asia, South Africa, MENA) allowing to widen its offer while highlighting the map of the innovation. It is in this context that DERMATEC in partnership with Orion concept and Biometrix launched in April 2018 WWI: WorldWide Innotest.

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Phone number: +33 4 28 38 38 10


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